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We empower interior designers to thrive enabling them to earn more, worry less and enjoy better relationships with their clients and teams.
Our proven Creative Value Blueprint™ works. Clients are most successful when they fully commit to the program.

Many interior designers struggle to earn the income they desire, often due to their lack of confidence to grow their business. Some are overwhelmed and unsure about their future and don’t know what to do to change their results. Competing priorities leave little work-life balance and they become disillusioned and burned out.

Creative people can run a successful design business. No one needs to experience the heartache and sleepless nights caused by making mistakes and having to figure it out alone.

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We guide you to business mastery through a streamlined step-by-step process.
Discover Our Programs

Pearl Collect Circle Program

Business Breakthrough


Circle is for interior designers with less than $500,000 in revenue who typically work alone and want a steady stream of ideal clients.

Pearl Collective Alliance Program

Rapid Growth


Alliance is designed for rising firms with $500,000 – $1.5 million in revenue, who want to follow proven business practices that align with their personal goals and values.

Pearl Collective Boardroom program

Beyond Business


Boardroom is for established design firms earning more than $1.5 million in revenue who want to achieve financial and personal freedom, creating a legacy of generosity and purpose.

Our community of like-minded professionals supports you in achieving business clarity, confidence, prosperity, and fulfillment. We care about you, have your back and challenge you to be better.
Transforming your design business can be easier than you think…

Let’s talk one-on-one about what’s important to you and your business. Where are you stuck? If you were to wave a magic wand, what would you Want to achieve in your business and life?
Let’s create a strategy with the next steps right for you and your business. We’ll find the best solution for your budget and goals.
With Pearl Collective by your side, you’ll build a design business beyond your dreams.
Erin Weir
Gail Doby and Erin Weir Gail Doby Speaking

Meet Gail & Erin

Gail Doby and Erin Weir co-founded Pearl Collective an Interior Design Business Consultancy committed to guiding interior designers to build successful and profitable businesses based on personal values and authenticity.

Pearl Collective’s devoted team is on the path to transforming more than 10,000 businesses. These highly collaborative professionals empower creative entrepreneurs like you to soar.

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Interior Design by Studio Life/Style

What’s Your Business Persona?

You have to know where you are before you can get to where you want to go. Our programs are for design firms who want to effectively manage their business in alignment with their personal goals and build a stronger, more profitable future.

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Interior Design by Studio Life/Style

You’re worried about where the next client is coming from and how to get it all done by yourself. You want bigger projects and to make a reliable income for your family.

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You feel overwhelmed and behind. You want a successful business with a team to optimize your time so you can attract more of your ideal clients.

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You’ve been recognized for your accomplishments, and yet you know there is more. You are determined to take your business to the next level.

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Your business is somewhat profitable and stable but filled with challenges. You want the freedom to create the life and legacy of your dreams.

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We are here for you,
and have the answers you want,
no matter where you are today.

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