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We love what we do. We solve the most significant business problems that interior designers face.
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Our team of experts have the skills and training that is unparalleled in the industry.

Gail Doby


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Helping design clients increase their profitability, sometimes over 500%, Gail does far more than help her clients wrangle decimals on a budget sheet. With 20 years’ experience running her own design firm (plus degrees in Finance, Banking and Interior Design), she’s obsessed with sharing innovative ways to overcome roadblocks, challenges, and detours creative entrepreneurs face. She’s also clients’ strategist, brand builder, human resource advisor, and sometimes therapist. No matter which hat she wears, her goal is simple—empower clients to differentiate themselves, drive measurable results, achieve business projections, and create personal satisfaction through game-changing strategies and practices.

Erin Weir


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Dynamic leader, dedicated mom, and marketer extraordinaire, Erin turns every client touchpoint into a memorable and meaningful experience. Her passion for elevating interior design to its appropriate strata in our industry is evidenced through her devotion to educating designers and their teams on innovative, profitable business practices, leadership, technology and productivity. She counsels manufacturers to be better business partners. And she teaches clients to move from business timidity to confidence through actionable processes, smart structure and a team-first mentality.

Pearl Collective Coaches

Our Coaches

Pearl Collective Certified Coaches are carefully selected to provide growth strategies for all companies. Using Pearl Collective’s proprietary methodologies our coaches are partnering with our clients to help them build, run, and sustain profitable businesses.

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Director of Coaching

Patti Julber

Helping you get to the next level in your Design Business excites her! Her background as a very successful Interior Design and Contracting business owner for the past 17 years has given her the knowledge and experience to guide you through those real-world problems that crop up every day. She is accomplished at managing the financial end as well as the creative.

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Pearl Collective Certified Coach

Drue Lawlor

Your success is foremost in all of Drue’s coaching. Her background and expertise as a NCIDQ certified interior designer and Fellow of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) makes her uniquely qualified to teach our clients. She and Gail co-developed the 12-month Strategic Business Transformation Group Coaching program to teach designers how to develop a profitable and successful business. She is a national speaker on positive aging and creating safer healthier homes.

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Pearl Collective Certified Coach

Nancy Charbonneau

With a degree in Interior Design from Georgia Southern University and over two decades in the industry, Nancy’s experience from owning a successful retail store to leading a nationally-renowned luxury design firm make her a go-to resource for her coaching clients. Her belief that great interior design should always connect who you are to how you live inspires both Charbonneau Interiors and her coaching style. She lives that core belief with warmth and joyful harmony.

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Pearl Collective Certified Coach

Lisa Gielincki

As a nationally recognized designer with a BFA from Savannah College of Art & Design, Lisa brings a calm sense of cohesion to her coaching clients. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and has taught design at Jacksonville University. Her professionalism, commitment, and enthusiasm are reflected by achievements which include: National Certification for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ), awards from the American Society of Interior Designers (Professional Member), and a seat on the board of Florida State College at Jacksonville’s interior design program.

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