November 1517, 2022

3-Day Hiring & Competing for Talent Challenge

3-Day Hiring & Competing for Talent Challenge Image

Spend just one hour a day for three days to get all the inside scoop.

If you are planning to hire new staff for your interior design firm and wondering when to hire, where to find the people you need, and how to get it done right, join us November 15-17 for access to the 3-Day Hiring & Competing for Talent Challenge. 

You’ll get inspiration and guidance to get a handle on:

  • How to know and prepare for what top talent expects, 
  • Tips for finding and attracting the best and the brightest,
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Interviewing techniques, and 
  • How to keep your team happy so the competition doesn’t steal them away  

You’ll also gain access to the insights gleaned from the 2022 Interior Designers Survey on Fees, Salaries and Competing for Talent. Results will be shared with all registrants of this challenge.