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Season 10 Episode 2

An Insider’s Guide to High Point Market (Tammy Nagem)

An Insider’s Guide to High Point Market (Tammy Nagem)

With 13 blocks of home furnishings, over 2,000 studios and showrooms, and a calendar full of events and educational sessions, High Point Market can feel overwhelming to first-time attendees. Don’t let the magnitude intimidate you. With a few pointers from an expert, you can customize your High Point experience to get the most from this one-of-a-kind industry showcase.

In this episode, Gail talks with Tammy Covington Nagem, chief executive officer, High Point Market Authority in High Point, North Carolina. Tammy has been with the organization for 22 years, first as director of operations, then as chief operating officer. She assumed the role of CEO last year when the previous CEO retired.

Tammy said that one of her main areas of focus as the new CEO is the importance of the guest experience. She not only wants to attract new attendees, she also wants to ensure that all other attendees come away feeling that their visit was worth their time and money so that they will come back again.

At the heart of the Market experience is the connection between the people and the product. Home furnishings, she said, are something best experienced in person. “We are here to connect the buyer and the seller,” she said. Part of that connection is providing the seller the opportunity to tell the story behind the product, which is a crucial component of its value.

In recent years, interior designers have become a more essential customer at Market. “Consumers are understanding the value a designer brings,” said Tammy. That translates to value for the manufacturer or vendor. Designers have an opportunity to discover products that they otherwise might not find elsewhere. It can set them apart from the competition who don’t attend.

Gail asked Tammy what her advice was for designers who are thinking of attending Market for the first time. She said,

  • Register early. First-time attendees must go through a qualifying process to be able to register. Once registered, you will receive a series of emails that will walk you through all the steps you need to plan and prepare for your visit.
  • Use the Market’s concierge service to book your hotel accommodations. Their highly knowledgeable staff will help you get the best booking for your needs. Don’t fear the lack of hotel rooms on other websites – those have simply been reserved for you already!
  • Sign up for a half-day tour to get an overview of Market and helpful tips from a seasoned attendee.
  • Leave time for discovery. Don’t over-schedule yourself the first time out. Allowing yourself time to explore can lead to some incredible finds.

On the practical side, Tammy urged attendees to bring a different pair of comfortable shoes for each day they will be on site. She also described how to set up the Market app to help navigate onsite and keep track of sessions and events. For more helpful tips from Tammy and Gail, listen to the entire podcast.

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For more information about High Point Market, how to register, and planning your visit, go to the Market’s website at

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