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Season 5 Episode 6

Connecting With the Top One Percent (Chris Ramey)

Connecting With the Top One Percent (Chris Ramey)

Many interior designers aspire to provide their services to highly affluent clients. But do you know who they are and how to find them? More importantly, perhaps, do you know what they want to know about you? The answer may surprise you.

In this podcast, Gail talks with Chris Ramey, president and co-founder of Affluent Insights, considered one of the leading experts on best practices to serve the affluent. Chris is also president of The Home Trust, which assists the affluent in finding extraordinary design services and products for their home. Chris is also much sought-after as a keynote speaker.

Chris spoke at length about how luxury as a business model differs from design as a business model. Designers who want to attract and attain highly affluent clients need to understand the difference and adjust their marketing and branding accordingly. They should think in terms of targeting the top one percent, the households with the highest incomes, those with a net worth of $6 million or more.

“You don’t sell to the highly affluent,” said Chris, “you fascinate and enchant them.” Match their values. Be a connoisseur who does things and sees things they don’t, but want to know or experience. Don’t emphasize your experience; that’s a given. Instead, show them the kind of atmosphere you can create for them in their home to help them live abundantly.

Chris spoke about what he calls the 7 Pillars of Luxury and how they connect to the expectations of the highly affluent. Never forget that they are hiring you to perform a service, so let them know how you will serve them, not how you design. In particular, he added, highly affluent clients are looking for the promise of sophistication, the promise of privacy and discretion, and someone who “gets” them.

How you brand yourself is very important. “Why don’t high affluents who visit your website not follow through and call you?” he asked. It’s because they don’t see themselves on your website or do see something that says to them you are not what they’re looking for. You need to manage your imagery so it creates a feeling of fascination and enchantment. Pick words that are important to them and let them know you understand who they are.

For more details about these and the many other topics Chris discussed with Gail, listen to the entire podcast.

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Mentioned in This Podcast

For more information about Chris and the services he offers, visit his website at

To see the partners Chris works with and the products he features, go to the website for The Home Trust.

Chris mentioned a couple of network organizations that can be useful in making contact with high affluents:

Chris recommended the book, The Global Code: How a New Culture of Universal Values Is Reshaping Business and Marketing by Clotaire Raipaille. It is available from online booksellers.

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