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Season 2 Episode 9

Cultivating an Entrepreneur Mindset (Scott Oldford)

Cultivating an Entrepreneur Mindset (Scott Oldford)

What separates business owners from entrepreneurs is how they think about the business. Business owners focus on operations. Entrepreneurs focus on realizing a vision. If you dream of running a $1 million-plus business, you may need to adjust your mindset.

In today’s podcast, Gail Doby interviews Scott Oldford, one of the world’s top business coaches and advisors, author, and creator of the ROI Online Marketing and Sales Method and the 6 Pillars Framework. A born entrepreneur, Scott achieved his first $1 million business by age 16 and went on to create many other multi-million dollar businesses before deciding to devote himself to helping other entrepreneurs succeed at their ventures.

Scott talked about his early successes, his subsequent losses, how he recovered, and the lessons he learned along the way. As part of that process, he spent a lot of time in self-examination and studying human psychology. Out of those studies, he said, he has become a leading expert on the entrepreneur mindset. He uses those insights in his work coaching others.

While some people, like himself, may have a knack for entrepreneurship, anyone can learn to become a successful entrepreneur. “A business will not grow because of strategies and tactics,” said Scott Oldford. “A business will grow because the entrepreneur’s mind sees the scenario in a certain way. That is absolutely 100 percent possible to create.”

Would-be entrepreneurs often are stifled by limited thinking, Scott explained. They have developed mindsets around money, identity, success, failure, and pleasure that are holding them back. “The mind self-sabotages,” he said, making us believe that we can’t achieve or don’t deserve success. We have to replace those negative mindsets with positive ones.

Scott listed some key practices for those who want to create $1 million-plus companies:

  • Go through the 6 pillars each week and write down for each what is wrong or could be wrong and keep fixing them. Continuously work on making the business better and better.
  • Have a mentor—your best competitive advantage.
  • See yourself as someone who is always marketing something.
  • Have a way to turn people who don’t know who you are into a customer.

Scott also talked about why every business today needs to have an online presence and offered his views on why relying mainly on referrals is a risky business model.

Listen to the entire podcast to learn more about how to develop an entrepreneur mindset, including why Scott believes becoming a successful entrepreneur is a journey of personal development.

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For an explanation of Scott’s Relevancy, Omnipresence and Intimacy Online Marketing & Sales Method (The ROI Method) for attracting clients and increasing sales, go to the ROI Method page on his website.

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