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Season 9 Episode 10

Dive into Interior Design Business Tech (Klaus Baer)

Dive into Interior Design Business Tech (Klaus Baer)

Whether you’re a sole practitioner or running a large interior design firm, technology can help it operate more smoothly, efficiently and reliably. From managing projects to finances to human resources, technology can standardize policies and procedures, speed up access to information and documentation, and ensure proper compliance with laws and regulations. No matter if you are a tech newbie, a tech pro or a technophobe, you can find products and services to suit your abilities and the needs of your firm.

In this episode, Gail welcomes back to the podcast Klaus Baer, chief operations officer, WRJ Design in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Klaus is a huge proponent of using technology to improve business operations, having seen it benefit WRJ Design over the years. He currently employs 14 different IT systems in the 25-person firm. Some of which he has used for more than 15 years and some he has adopted more recently.

In his experience, Klaus said, technology helps the business to run more smoothly and easily for everyone. In addition, the technology can provide you with tracking capabilities, easy-to-access files and documentation, and reports and visuals to help better understand what’s going on in your business from the macro to the micro level. “Once you get the data in, it’s amazing how you can slice and dice it,” he said.

Gail asked Klaus which of the systems he uses he would most recommend to other design businesses. He highlighted six:

  • Asana – for team and task management
  • Ignite – for cloud-based storage of files
  • Trainual – for onboarding and training employees, documenting HR policies and procedures
  • LastPass – for managing and organizing passwords
  • Keap – customer management (CRM)
  • BambooHR – for HR management

Klaus also mentioned an online program, Lucidchart, that he uses to convert data into diagrams and charts. He finds the visual information more accessible and revealing.

All of these technologies have a cost and a learning curve, of course. Klaus recommended a gradual evolution in technology adoption. What does your firm most need now? Pick something that works best for you. To get the most value, he suggested, “Think about things you can scale,” with good customer support and active community forums.

For more details about each of these technologies, listen to the entire podcast.

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