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Season 2 Episode 7

Taking the Next Step (Karen Wolf)

Taking the Next Step (Karen Wolf)

Growing a business involves risk.  That can be scary.  Sometimes we can see where we want to be but are uncertain whether we can get there.  A coach can be a motivator and a bridge to help you take that next step.

In today’s podcast, Gail and Erin talk with Karen Wolf, creative principal and owner of KBW Interiors in Millburn, New Jersey.  In addition to designing amazing homes for her clients and developing products for celebrities, Karen is a much-sought-after trends thought leader and forecaster.

Karen first started working with Gail when she was looking for a coach who could help her grow her business.  Gail, said Karen, had the complete package.  She knows the business side and understands the emotional side of running an interior design firm.  As a member of one of the Pearl Collective Boardroom Groups, she has also benefitted from the group coaching experience, where everyone is committed to helping everyone else succeed.  She credited Gail with creating an environment in which business owners who are potential competitors collaborate non-competitively.

Erin asked Karen what has been her biggest challenge in growing her business.  She highlighted risk-taking and making a commitment to grow.  “The things that clog your mind sometimes, you don’t even realize how irrational they might be, until you take the next step.”  Having a coach, she said, can help you overcome your hesitancy to take risks by encouraging you to realize your capabilities and strengthening your belief in yourself.

It was through her work with Gail that Karen gained the confidence to branch out into trends forecasting, an area she had long considered a strength and enjoyed.  It has added a new dimension to her business and her life.

Gail asked Karen about her biggest life lesson to date.  “When starting a business,” she replied, “you don’t really realize how much hard work and how many baby steps you need to make to get to the point you want to be at.”  She said she had to learn to be more patient.  “It takes diligence and tenacity” to succeed.

You can learn more about Karen’s journey as an entrepreneur and hear her advice for owners looking to grow their business by listening to the entire podcast.

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Karen mentioned her Timely Trendy Blog, which you can read on the firm’s website at

If you would like to access Karen’s Design Pop Trends series, you can sign up at

You can also find Karen’s posts on LinkedIn at

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