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Where Do You Meet Target Clients?

Where Do You Meet Target Clients?

Well, you did a thorough job of completing your Ideal Client Profile(s) – but then what? Rather than letting your target clients linger deep in your computer files, use them as you make decisions in your business – particularly in your marketing.

One very important way to use those profiles is in identifying what you can do and where you and your team can go to meet your ideal clients. The more your ideal clients are exposed to your brand, the more likely they are to pay attention. That’s why it’s important to identify where your clients spend their time, whether it be online or offline. Then you have to be persistent in interacting with them.

Connect with New Homeowners

Identify new developments planned within the area you are willing to cover. If the homes/home sites planned would attract your ideal clients, design a marketing plan, approach the developers and see if you can have the opportunity to make a first connection with those homeowners. Create a plan that will benefit the developer to make it worth their while to help you connect with new home buyers. The developer may have their own “design center” but they may welcome the ability to offer those homeowners a design firm with whom to work for all the interior furnishings, window treatments, etc. Or the development may have resale homes and are still building new ones, so they can refer you to those who are purchasing a built home. Particularly in areas where people are retiring and moving from out of state, they may not bring much with them in the way of furnishings.

Find Your Target Clients’ Interests

Pay attention to the interests, community involvement and activities, and research how you can get involved. For example, if your target clients are very involved with the local Heart Association benefit – and you also support their goals – then volunteer and get involved to start building relationships. You may not be able to join the boards on which your ideal clients serve, but approach those boards and ask if you could interview them to be able to highlight the great work they do in your client communications – newsletter, blog, etc. and begin building a relationship with them so that you share their fundraiser(s) with your clients.

If your profiles include athletics, join where they would play tennis, golf, etc., and begin building relationships on the court or course. Or usually, these clubs offer social memberships – a great way to connect.

Find out how those who share your ideal clients are involved in the community – the local auto dealer who sells the automobiles your ideal clients drive, the financial advisor, caterer, local sommelier, etc. – and how might you work together to get in front of your ideal clients repeatedly. Often you will find them in the same organizations where you will find your ideal clients – Rotary being one of them – where members are focused on making a difference while building relationships. To quote author Bob Burg, “Truly successful individuals create both immediate and long-lasting influence attracting others to them.”

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