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Before doing my VIP Day with Gail Doby, I didn’t understand my financials well at all. I would confuse my P&L with my Balance Sheet, and it would be safe to say that simply upon hearing the word, “financials”, my eyes would glaze over. That spilled over into conversations I had with my CPA and my Bookkeeper whenever we discussed financials. Why? Because I had zero interest them. Why? Because I didn’t understand them. The result, as well as the problem, was that I had no idea where I stood, and not just from day-to-day, but from month to month, and beyond that, from year to year.

What wasn’t clear to me was the all-important and direct connection between watching my financials and using them as a great tool for project management, planning, hiring and marketing. That changed when I started working Gail, through my time spent with her I came to realize that all of running a business is based on your financials.

For so many years, I was held back by the silly belief that creatives don’t do well with financials because our “minds don’t work like that.” If that wasn’t enough, I also subscribed to another silly idea based on something I once heard someone say: “Artists and architects can’t even balance their own checkbooks, let alone read financial reports.” Well, that sounded right to me; I hated (and didn’t) balance my own checkbook!

Given those limiting beliefs, imagine my shock, and also relief, that the business of my design business was actually incredibly easy to comprehend. I was so excited to finally understand this world; it was like being a little kid with a new toy.

Today I see that by changing my relationship with financials they’ve quickly become one of the best tools I have for measuring my progress. Thank you Gail for teaching me about them!

Financials let me make decisions: do I carry on in the same fashion or do I do something different? The numbers don’t lie!

187% increase in revenue over baseline- 2015 to 2019.
161% increase in net profit over baseline- 2015 to 2019.