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Vicky Serany

Southern Studio

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Our business would absolutely not be where it is today without the help of Gail’s team.

I often joked that I truly thought there was a rulebook in this industry and everybody had a copy – but nobody gave me a copy. And it was lonely. At the end of the day it’s very lonely when everybody looks to you for the answers and you just frankly don’t have the answers. So Gail just gives you the tools! It was actually another designer that referred me and she’s like “You have to do a VIP Day” and I was just at the point that it didn’t matter what it cost – I mean, it’s an investment, right? – but it didn’t matter what it cost because at that point it was a matter of personal well-being and I just realized there had to be a better way.

This CFO actually said to me: “Do you know much it costs for you to produce a project?” At that point we weren’t tracking time. And I was adamant that we were going to have a firm that didn’t track time. I can’t stand it. I’ve never met a person who enjoys it. And he said to me “Well then you have no idea how much it’s costing you to produce a project.” And I’m like, “Well I’m sorry, we’re not tracking time.” I met with Gail and she said “Well I’m sorry, we’re not working with you unless you start tracking time!” So, we still don’t like it, but now we know – we have the tools, like very specific down and dirty tools, that give you the confidence. This is why we do it the way we do it and I have the confidence in knowing that I have the facts that support it. Before, we didn’t know. We were just guessing.

There is a tough love that comes with Gail’s coaching. There are tears that are shed. Gail will call you out on your weaknesses, and you are held accountable by your peers. But, it’s all in a loving way that helps you rise up, and rise to the challenge. And it is challenging! It’s not for wimps, it’s not an easy thing to go through. And you’re going to hear some things you might not necessarily want to hear.

I think that everybody wants to have their own spin on their own business. So, they really don’t want to be put into any sort of a mold of “this is what your business should be.” And I think Gail gives you the foundation and then you can just grow into whatever it is – whatever those dreams are, whatever those projects are that you want to work on. Whatever it is that is truly your passion and what you want your business to be… There are so many different ways to run this business, but it’s the foundational tools that I think every single person that I know who has worked with Gail – and I know our entire Boardroom – wishes that they had earlier. Everybody that I talk to, they just wish they had the tools earlier.