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Season 6 Episode 10

Get a Coach and Find a Community (Patti Julber)

Get a Coach and Find a Community (Patti Julber)

If your business is not going as well as you’d like, if you believe you should be earning more, if you’re anxious, exhausted and burnt out, then consider working with a business coach. A coach not only has the knowledge and experience to guide you toward improving your business; she can present you with other perspectives to help you see what’s possible and how you have the capability to achieve your dream.

In this podcast, Erin talks with Patti Julber, owner and lead designer, Complements Home Interiors in Bend, Oregon. A long-time client and Boardroom member, Patti also serves as a coach and director of coaching for Pearl Collective.

Patti told Erin that she had engaged Gail as a coach because after seven years of running her own firm she knew her business was not where she wanted it to be. She also started thinking about the legacy she wanted to create with her business.

Erin said that what they frequently encounter when working with a new client is what she called the exhaustion factor. They are working as hard as they can but not seeing the kind of progress they’re hoping for. They need help with running their business. The VIP experience, said Erin, is like an MBA for an interior design business. Clients come away with a whole new understanding of what running a business entails as well as action steps they can begin to implement to start improving their business right away.

“Every interior designer runs a 100 percent completely different business,” said Patti. “But there are threads that run through each business which are identical.” Mastery of those business fundamentals is often what designers lack.

Having gone through the VIP experience with Gail and Erin and having seen the improvement in her own business, Patti approached Gail about becoming a coach in order to help other designers.

Today, Pearl Collective has six coaches besides Gail and Erin.

Erin asked Patti what she liked most about coaching. “I love watching people change their mindset about what’s possible,” said Patti. Part of her job is breaking down mental and emotional walls that are holding the client back. She tries to show them that whatever they can dream, they can achieve.

Patti also talked about her Boardroom experience and the great value in having a community of peers to connect and share with, and she offered some tips for those who have just completed their VIP experience. Listen to the entire podcast for her insights and more.

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To learn more about Patti’s firm and read her blog, visit the website at Complements Home Interiors.

For more information about Pearl Collective’s coaching program and the 3-day VIP experience, visit our VIP Program page.

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