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Season 4 Episode 7

No Such Thing as a Wrong Decision (Christine Turknett)

No Such Thing as a Wrong Decision (Christine Turknett)

When it comes to decisions, there’s no such thing as right or wrong.  Yes, in hindsight, some choices may have been better than others.  But no decision is ever perfect.  In the moment, the best you can hope for is to make a well-informed decision that feels right.  Whatever the outcome, you can learn from it and move on.

In this podcast, Gail and Erin talk with Christine Turknett, principal designer, Breathe Design Studio (formerly, Christine Turknett Interiors), Austin, Texas.  Christine specializes in modern and contemporary design. She draws from the Danish approach of creating clean, calm and cozy spaces, with an emphasis on well-being.

As it happened, Christine was the last client to have an in-person VIP Day with Gail before the pandemic was declared in the U.S. in March 2020.  She came away with a list of goals and improvements for her business. But shortly after she had to close due to stay-at-home mandates.  Not to be deterred, she pivoted and used the time to market and grow her network of professional contacts. She hosted Zoom virtual coffees with architects and builders, which resulted in a number of referrals once business picked up again.

That experience helped her discover that she could be more flexible and adaptable than she had thought.  She recognized she was being limited by her mindset and started to believe in the vision she had for her company.  Thanks to some coaching from Gail, she finally decided to “take the leap”. She hired additional staff, a step she now wishes she taken earlier.  Having shifted her mindset to viewing hires as an investment rather than an expense, she went from being a sole practitioner to a team of three, plus seven outsourced specialists. Christine also has plans to bring on a fourth member to the team shortly.

In building her team, Christine looks for people whose strengths can contribute to the company. She seeks to capitalize on those strengths.  “One of the great things about being a business owner,” she said, “is that we can build a company around our strengths.  We can create a structure around what we enjoy most.”

Gail asked Christine what she’s learned as a result of these recent changes.  She replied, “The foundation to succeeding in life is to be clear in your values, clear in your vision, clear in your goals, and why.”  “When you have a commitment to a vision,” she added, “it’s amazing what can happen.”

Gail asked Christine to share three insights that listeners could take away and apply to their own businesses.  She said,

  • We can control whatever happens to us and how we respond to challenges. Whatever the outcome, there are valuable lessons to be learned.  Get the most out of each one.
  • Have a vision for yourself and of who you want to be in the future.
  • Believe that no matter what decision you make, it’s not a win or lose situation. There is no wrong decision.  Each decision presents an opportunity to learn and grow.

To hear more about Christine’s future plans for her business and how having pursued a Ph.D. in English has benefitted her as an interior designer, listen to the entire podcast.

Mentioned in This Podcast

To learn more about Christine, her team and her projects, visit the firm’s website at

Christine mentioned in passing the book Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals Through Teamwork by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.  You can find out more about the book and access bonus material at the website

Christine also referred to the book, Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: Dynamic Techniques for Turning Fear, Indecision and Anger into Power, Action and Love by Susan Jeffers. You can learn more about it on the website for the late Dr. Jeffers at

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