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Season 9 Episode 5

The Business Side of Renderings (Jing Johnson)

The Business Side of Renderings (Jing Johnson)

Drawings, plans and renderings have always been an integral component of the interior design process. Beginning in the early 2000s, advances in computer technology and software made it possible to create stunningly realistic detailed renderings of architecture and design projects. Soon followed 3D, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) renderings. These allow viewers to immerse themselves in a space before any construction has started. They can be a powerful tool for presenting your vision to clients, funders and stakeholders.

In this episode, Gail talks with Jing Johnson, president of PRISM Renderings in Houston, Texas. Jing has degrees in architecture and design from both China and the United States. After 10 years of working in A/E/D firms in the U.S., Jing recognized that there was great demand from realtors and developers, as well as from architects, engineers and designers, for high-quality, precision renderings. In 2000, she started PRISM Renderings, which specializes in serving the commercial real estate market and high-end residential A&D market.

Jing has seen demand for her company’s services grow over the years. Although the images today are startlingly realistic, “renderings are beyond pretty pictures,” she explained. Many of her clients use renderings to raise funds for their projects and to expedite the design process.

“For designers and architects, renderings can save costs and also increase client satisfaction,” Jing said. Clients can better understand the materials being specified for the project. And they can see how they are being combined to create the overall design. That makes renderings a powerful sales tool. They also often help clients to make decisions quicker, saving time and money.

As an added benefit to the designer, said Jing, clients usually pay for the cost of producing the renderings. Some firms also charge a fee for the time involved in providing documents, reviewing the renderings, and walking through the renderings with the client.

Speaking from the perspective of an A&D professional, Jing urged designers to use not only renderings but all the resources available to them to ensure the long-term success of their business. Those include coaches, like Gail, consultants, specialists, and outsourced services like hers.

Jing spoke in detail about the process of producing renderings and also about some of the limitations of renderings. For those insights and more, listen to the entire podcast.

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For more information about PRISM Renderings and its services, visit the firm’s website at

About Jing Johnson:

Jing Johnson, the founder and CEO of PRISM Renderings since 2005, leads an exceptional all-women team that produces advanced 3D renderings and animations for the real estate and architectural industry. Our work enhances project viability and marketability. With bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture and years of experience in architectural firms, Jing’s expertise is foundational to our success.

Beyond her business, Jing is passionate about helping young mothers achieve work-life harmony, reflecting PRISM’s commitment to professional and familial dedication. Actively supporting the design industry and the community, Jing’s efforts span sponsorships, volunteering, mentoring, and aiding non-profits, underlining her impactful and meaningful contributions.

Jing balances her professional achievements with her roles as an architect’s wife and a mother to two sons and two dogs, embodying a holistic approach to life and work.

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