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Why is it Expensive to Have an Interior Design Business Coach?

Why is it Expensive to Have an Interior Design Business Coach?

Investing in an interior design business coach can be expensive. But as you may often explain to a client, look at the long-term cost, as you usually get what you pay for. Those “bargain” products and services are usually not bargains at all. They tend to be very expensive over time. Even though you thought you were getting a deal on a cheap piece of furniture, you will end up spending more if you need to replace it or repair it down the road.

Understand the Investment

Just as for your clients, when investing in a business coach the key is to know what you want to achieve, and then asking yourself what value you place on accomplishing it. Think about when you are helping your clients understand the value of making that investment in their project. You help them visualize how that investment will create lasting memories for their family, or maybe attract their ideal clients to their hotel property. You are helping them realize their goals by designing spaces that are a reflection of them. You will also, hopefully, help alleviate the stress as they go through the process. You are showing them that what you are offering is worth their investment.

The investment in a business coach may be expensive but it also offers the opportunity to increase your bottom line and create a business that is not only more profitable but allows you to enjoy the business and still have a life!

Hiring a Business Coach vs Hiring an Employee

Investing in a business coach is also similar to making the investment of hiring an employee. How many of you have hired based on the cost rather than first defining what you need? If you only look for someone who will work for less money, they could end up costing you more money in the long run. They may lack skills, lack the willingness to learn, lack flexibility, and lack the right attitude. This will all force you to fire them and hire again, all while wasting valuable time with onboarding twice. Again, you usually get what you pay for. Rather, you will get more value if you focus on looking for someone with the abilities and attitude to make a positive difference to your bottom line.

What an Interior Design Business Coach Does

An interior design business coach works with designers who have realized that they are not just designers but also the CEO of their business. The right business coach can help you identify and focus on the problems that you need to resolve in order to build a successful company. They act as a consultant helping designers by providing specialized knowledge. Whether you are just starting out or have been in business for a number of years but want to fine-tune your business and increase your profitability, a coach can do a lot for you.

An effective business coach shares their knowledge and experience with you, offering guidance and advice along your business journey. They may offer new ideas and information as well as confirming some things you may already know. Sometimes it can be hard to take action on your own ideas, but hearing it from the coach you invested in can be the push you need.

Just as you should spend the time defining what you need before hiring a new employee, in order to find the right business coach you need to identify what it is you need from them to find the right fit.

What to Look for in a Business Coach

  • What are the problems or challenges you would like to solve? Clarify this or you may hire a generalist rather than someone who can help solve your specific problems.
  • What experience do they have in the industry and is it relevant to your needs?
  • Do they have good communication skills – are they effective at listening, understanding and interpreting?
  • Is this someone with whom you feel you can build a trusted relationship and get along with?
  • What are the results of their past clients? Are their past clients satisfied?

Though there are also business group coaching programs out there, and they may be beneficial for the coach, will they really offer what you need? They are often designed as a one-size-fits-all approach as they are addressing more than one person at a time. A one-on-one program gives you individual attention focused on your specific business and needs. They may offer an additional opportunity to interact with their other clients in a group setting which, when offered with individual coaching can be a great addition. 

The Value of an Excellent Business Coach

  • They will offer guidance and information from their background and experience.
  • When needed, they may steer you toward a more effective way of operating your business.
  • They can help you look at a challenge differently so you can find creative solutions and seize opportunities you may never have considered
  • They can provide tools and connections to sources that may be difficult to find or access otherwise.
  • They will help you develop the skills to continue to grow and find solutions for your business even after you stop working with them. 

Think about how nervous you were when, after developing your marketing plan, you then pulled the lever to invest in a long-term plan. Then when you started seeing the results that more than paid for that investment you realized the value of that decision to move forward. Just as when you started putting money aside and then hired your first employee, you most likely then found out how quickly they paid for themselves and actually helped you increase your bottom line.

So ask yourself, if you could build a stronger, more profitable business that allowed you to not only enjoy your business again but also have a life beyond work, wouldn’t that expensive investment actually be a bargain?

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