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Is Interior Design Blogging Right for You?

Is Interior Design Blogging Right for You?

Interior designers should always be focused on keeping the pipeline full. This means constant marketing. Steady, consistent marketing helps you to avoid spending time wondering when the next ideal client is going to pop up! If done well, interior design blogging can be an effective way to connect with ideal clients consistently.

If it is not currently part of your marketing plan, you may have a few questions before you are ready to jump into the blogging world so let’s address a few of the common ones.

Is blogging right for your interior design firm?

Successful marketing is all about relationships – with clients, vendors, and within the community to build a strong reputation and an effective referral network. Developing relationships, whether personal or in business does not happen overnight so finding ways to help prospective clients feel assured of your capabilities and appreciate your design aesthetics is important.  

Blogging provides you a way to build relationships and connect through your blog as well as encouraging past, current and prospective ideal clients to visit your website. In addition, Google loves new content and if your blog contains quality content it will rank your website higher in searches. So if you want to increase the number of ideal clients you are reaching, blogging can be an effective way to do just that.

A blog also gives you the opportunity to connect – in a conversational tone and showcase what makes your firm unique and why you specifically are the designer they need. Approach it as if you are actually talking to clients so that your voice comes through.

What things do interior design bloggers write about?

First, be sure you have clearly defined your ideal clients and then write your blogs directed at those ideal clients. You want to catch their attention, and if you have done a good job of identifying their interests, activities, type of projects, etc., you will be successful in that aim. Your ideal client profiles will direct you to the subjects they would be drawn toward and where your writing should be focused. For a start, you might write about questions you always get asked by clients. 

An effective way to show what you are worth is to blog about your work, how you approach a project, your design thoughts and what is involved in the design process. It also provides an opportunity to include photographs, graphics and even video. Of course that also means you need excellent-quality visuals. Write about how you add value to their home or how to live through a home renovation. 

Check with your clients and you can highlight your recent work – along with a testimonial from that client. Testimonials are very helpful in building trust with others and making people more comfortable working with you. Be sure you also are regularly adding/rotating testimonials on your website. 

How often should you talk about your own work versus the work of others?

You are establishing your expertise and so you want to focus mainly on showing your firm’s work. But along with that your blog posts can establish you as an authority and as such you can incorporate various fabrics, colors, furniture, etc. that you use in your design projects. As a perceived “expert”, then explain why those specific pieces or fabrics were selected. Reach out to those companies and let them know you are highlighting their products. Your blog can be a great tool for you to network with companies who are looking for more exposure, so reach out to some of these companies whose products you admire or are already using. 

You might also reach out to others in the interior design field that you perceive as experts in their areas and talk to them about a guest blog post periodically. You might also approach a few other designers whose work you admire but may have a different area of expertise and ask if you can share some of their design photographs (giving credit of course).   

Is social media something that should be done instead of or in addition to a blog?

If you are weighing the options of a blog or using social media – you might consider including both in your marketing – first consider the pros and cons of each. Instagram is just what the name implies – it’s “instant” and posts can be created quickly and can be very effective in boosting your business if you stay consistent.

Be aware that the average lifespan of a post on Instagram is normally about 48 hours. You can extend that time by paying attention to hashtags and monitoring it so that you are replying to comments in a timely manner, using trend filters, etc. So with a short lifespan, you need to stay active – posting 3-4 times a week for best results. 

A blog post on the other hand takes more time to create but it is an established method of communication to highlight your knowledge and design expertise. It showcases you and your firm as an expert and authority in the field of interior design. The more advice and help you offer in your blog, the more likely you will develop a reliable following. And of course, you can use Instagram and other social media to promote those blogs to a wider audience.

Stay focused on your ideal client and the type of help and advice they are looking for and those who follow your blog will become and remain loyal to you and your brand. In addition, they will become great supporters and share with others – thereby expanding your audience. 

Yes, Instagram and blogging take time and effort. But if you remain consistent the return on that investment of time can lead to a long line of followers, and a full pipeline.

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