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Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Rebrands as Pearl Collective

Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting Rebrands as Pearl Collective

Identity Update Reflects Transformative Evolution, Dynamic Vision for the Future

Denver, CO, October 6, 2022—Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting, the highly regarded group of business experts and coaches for professional designers and firms, has rebranded as Pearl Collective to reflect the company’s strategic evolution.

“As business coaches and consultants, we help companies embrace the metamorphosis that occurs as they grow and expand. We renamed our organization to reflect who we’ve become since we were founded in 2008,” said Gail Doby, co-founder of Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching and Consulting. Over the years, we matured, refined our programs and expanded our resources, adding new offerings and more master coaches. Collectively these changes transformed us and ultimately our brand. We chose Pearl Collective in part because it better represents that metamorphosis and the collaborative nature of what we do.”

“While we’ve always looked at our clients’ journey holistically, we’re able to do that better now than ever before,” said Erin Weir, co-founder of Pearl Collective. “The new branding reflects our collective ability to serve our clients and to help them understand, grow and transform every aspect of their business from fees, to staffing, to establishing a senior leadership team, to earning what they’re worth. Pearl Collective speaks to fostering that growth by supporting businesses that are ready to scale so they can increase their success and ultimately become the valuable asset their owners desire.”

The internal changes for the company led to a new outward expression of the brand as well. The new logo with sleek, thin type reflects the agile nature of the company. A warm color palette of white, fig, blush gray and charcoal accented by rose gold evokes an inviting, calm and steady feeling. Fresh new collateral materials better reflect the connection between learning, collaborating, expansion, mastery and freedom. In addition, a new website——guides readers through an understanding of where they are in business and reveals what actions and programs lead to higher levels of success and personal passion. The company’s social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn have also transitioned to the new name.

As an interior design business consultancy who serves clients across the globe, Pearl Collective empowers interior designers and creative entrepreneurs to thrive, enabling them to earn more, worry less and enjoy better relationships with their clients and teams. Through hands-on training, individual coaching and the support of peers who have faced and overcome every conceivable challenge, Pearl Collective co-creates strong and supportive relationships with its clients and welcomes them into a vibrant community of peers and mentors to increase profitability and creative fulfillment.

Pearl Collective operates from a unique perspective and creates transformational outcomes. Each of the company’s core disciplines are powered by data, creativity and expertise which has evolved over time and includes all the resources needed to grow a thriving business. Programs include: Circle, for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses ready to build their revenue and their teams; a rapid growth program called Alliance designed for rising firms who have experienced some initial growth and are seeking a collaborative community as well as professional business help to reach higher levels of success; and Boardroom, which is for established design firms and is a by-invitation mastermind group of successful entrepreneurs who want to build a lasting, sustainable business that supports both their company and their personal aspirations.

Our mission is to help our clients meet their objectives in a way that aligns their individual goals with their business life no matter what obstacles they face,” Weir said. “We’ve transformed thousands of businesses, and we are deeply committed to providing the designers we work with every opportunity to achieve business clarity and confidence so they can succeed. This core value is our ‘pearl of wisdom’ and our brand’s foundation, which will transcend into the future.

About Pearl Collective

Pearl Collective, formerly known as Gail Doby Coaching & Consulting offers one-on-one VIP coaching and consulting services to professional designers and firms, mastermind groups for CEOs and leadership teams, online courses and programming, business tools and documents and live events across the U.S and internationally. Firms from start-ups to those with seven-figure-plus revenues have realized transformational growth in sales, profitability and professional and personal satisfaction. Utilizing highly developed and strategic financial, marketing, organizational and human resources evaluations, Pearl Collective clears the path for clients to radically improve their businesses, achieve financial success, attain business and personal goals, and work more efficiently. Doby’s background in both interior design and business finance provides the foundation for how many of the top design firms and practitioners now approach the business of doing business. For more information, visit or follow us on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram.

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